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Since the birth of the Smartphone, such as the Blackberry, iPhone or Android, our mobile phones and tablet PCs have dominated our lives even more than they have done in the past. We are surrounded by ‘Apps’; and there is an app for everything. Write a shopping list, plan your diary, countdown to Christmas, check the football scores, read the news……the possibilities are endless, and all through one device.

The rapid growth in popularity of Smartphones due to their improved affordability has led to us changing and radicalising the way we do things and how we spend our time. Shopping online can now be done quickly and easily while we sit on the bus (almost too easily sometimes!), or we can waste hour flicking virtual balls of paper into the bin, as a fan blows them off course, and we can see where our friends are and what they are doing every minute of every day. Mobile applications have changed so many aspects of our daily life.

New Pastimes All Round - Mobile Gaming and Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling has become a popular pastime for many of us. I’m sure many of you will remember Nokia’s ‘Snake’, originally launched in 1997 where a snake finds its way around the screen eating little squares as you direct it with number keys. Did you know over 350 million people around the world have played it?

Now, when we think of mobile gaming, it is all done on a touchscreen, and there are thousands of games available for download in our phones mobile applications store. Among the most popular mobile games of all time is Rovio’s Angry Birds. Angry Birds has sold over seven million downloads on iPhone alone, and sold one million copies within three weeks of its Android launch. It frequently tops the iPhone App Store charts with its variations. Other currently popular mobile games include FIFA 13, Tetris, Monopoly and Bejeweled. Over the last few years, many games have offered the opportunity to connect with social media and networking sites, so you can tell your friends about it, and sneakily advertise the game in the process.

A reasonably new concept is mobile gambling. Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack applications have been played through Smartphones for a while but the money was virtual, and nothing could be won from it. It is only in the last few years that users were in fact allowed to gamble real funds. Mobile gambling has in fact been ‘one to watch’ for a while, since the introduction of 3G, and in March 2011, there were around 100 casino based mobile games that allowed the player to gamble with real money.

Smartphone users are around five times more likely to use mobile casinos than users of ordinary mobile phones. Research projects that over $48 billion USD will have been wagered in mobile casinos by 2015, based on the growth rates, and modification of laws and rulings.

Mobile gambling apps currently listed on the Apple App Store include those from companies such as William Hill, bet365, Paddy Power, and Betfair to name a few. They present the user to bet on a variety of things, from sports such as football, golf or horse racing, to games such as roulette, blackjack and others usually found in casinos. Fewer bingo-style games are available, but do exist from suppliers such as Mecca.

How has Mobile Gambling Been Received?

Some people, particularly users of the mobile gambling service, have found it great. It is quick and easy to top up your account using electronic card payments, you can track your bets and results directly on the app, and even play games live, if bingo or cards are your game. It can be seen to have revolutionised the gambling and betting industry, and is an enjoyable and exciting hobby if done responsibly.

The companies behind the products have found it very profitable, as it allows their active customers to ‘gamble on the go’ and to bet whenever and wherever the feeling strikes them. In June 2011, it was reported in The Guardian newspaper, based on a speech from Paddy Power’s CEO Breon Corcoran, that 55% of their regular betting customers owned a Smartphone, and 34% of their ‘active customers’ accessed the service through their phone, increasing revenue by 300%.

Betfair, known for their sports betting, horse betting and online casino, took over £1billion in bets from mobile devices during the financial year 2010-2011. They say that increasing the methods of betting makes it more accessible for new and existing customers, and have invested heavily in improving the applications supporting their mobile gambling applications.

Issues Facing the Mobile Gambling Sector

One of the biggest issues facing the mobile gambling sector is the difference in laws across different parts of the world. Some countries, for example Norway, completely prohibit online gambling, while Finland has a government monopoly managing all online casinos. Apple only just allowed real-money gambling into the App Store in 2011, where Google has disallowed all such applications from their Android Market, taking a much harder line than Apple.

Is mobile gambling the future of betting? Definitely, Mobile Gambling will dominate the online gambling market whether it is gambling on a tablet or via a Smartphone.

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