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Online Gin Rummy

Game Information:

Online Gin Rummy also known as 'The Thinking Person's Poker' is the classic card card. The aim of Gin Rummy is to meld your cards until you can 'knock' to end the game.

In Gin Rummy you arrange your ten cards into sets as quickly as possible so that you can end the hand first. Once a player has knocked, the points are automatically calculated and the overall scores are updated.

The player who wins the hand is the one who has the lowest deadwood total, and the winning player's points score is the difference between the 2 player's deadwood totals.

Online Gin Rummy





Betting Limit:
  • 0.01/2
  • 0.02/4
  • 0.05/10
  • 0.10/20
  • 0.25/50
  • 0.50/100
  • 1/200
  • 2/400
  • 3/600
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Game Details:

Online Gin Rummy

First to Knock - First to Knock Gin Rummy - each game is played on just one single round of cards. The winner is the player who is "first to knock".

Oklahoma Gin - Oklahoma Gin Rummy is a variant on the standard gin rummy rules, with one main difference: the knock value is the value of the first card turned over from the deck, that is offered to first player.

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