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Go Game.co.uk Online Gambling Payment Processing sites directory lists all of the major Online Gambling Payment Processing sites. Each Go Game.co.uk Online Gambling Payment Processing listing has all the information you need to make an informed decision on where to play; including the latest bonus details, deposit options and game details.

SkyVegas Online Gambling Payment Processing

Sky Vegas Casino - Accepts Paypal, Neteller and Skrill for online casino payment processing.

Sky Vegas Casino

Party Casino Online Gambling Payment Processing

Party Casino.com - Accepts Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and Ukash for online casino payment processing.

Party Casino

BetVictor Casino Online Gambling Payment Processing

BetVictor Casino - Accepts Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and Ukash for online casino payment processing.

BetVictor Casino

How we gamble has changed with the progression of technology. While gambling in casinos is still very popular and widely enjoyed, as is placing a bet with the bookies, many of us now prefer to gamble from the comfort of our own homes via the internet or mobile phone applications. Online bingo has increased in popularity with men because of the anonymity and facelessness of online betting, and women who would be less commonly seen in a casino environment are more often appearing in online versions of the casino.

No matter how we choose to gamble, these online accounts require a way in which to top up and withdraw money from them that is safe, secure, and accessible. Online gambling payment processors are used to fund online gambling accounts. Now, there are a number of ways this can be done. One of the most popular among those is PayPal.

Paypal Payment Processing

PayPal is an online payment processing facility currently owned by eBay since they acquired it in 2002. It is known to be fairly easy to use once you have passed their extensive and allegedly ‘pedantic’ multi-level security verifications, and is most commonly used for online payments for services and goods, withdrawals from various accounts including betting website accounts, and can even be used for gifting to family and friends. To receive a payment into a PayPal account is simple. The person or website you are dealing with only needs your email address, thus preventing you from having to dish out bank account details if you would prefer not to do so.

It has a fairly user-friendly interface and statements are easy to read and accessible. PayPal is currently accepted at many websites for many different things. Using it as a payment method does incur a small fee, but depositing or transferring money is completely free. However, one of the biggest benefits it boasts is the fact that using it to pay for eBay goods ensures your purchases are fully insured automatically.

To online gamble using Paypal is easy and safe; take a look at our list of Paypal Casinos.

Neteller Payment Processing

An alternative to PayPal is Neteller. Neteller is used almost solely by online gambling firms or their customers in over 180 countries across the world. Although founded in Canada, it is based in the UK as of 2004. By 2005, 80% of the gambling companies in the world were processing their payments with Neteller, despite Neteller only beginning to process online betting payments just five years previously. Where PayPal only allows the account holder to pay into the account with a bank account/credit or debit card or using MoneyPak, you can top up a Neteller account using other methods, including iDEAL, POLi, Giropay and several others, allowing more flexibility.

Money within the account can be sent to others who use the service, spent online, withdrawn to a personal bank account, or until February of 2012, spent at a retailer, as the Neteller service used to provide a MasterCard debit card. This has since been withdrawn as it was not a popular initiative, and has been replaced with the Net+ Prepaid Card.

Skrill Payment Processing

Another popular alternative is Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers prior to their rebranding in 2011, where a new plan to update and modernise was rolled out. Skrill was one of the first of its kind to get an FSA license, and has 30 million customers around the world, in over 200 countries. Like PayPal, when money is transferred to these accounts, it is done so to the associated email address. However, this can never be changed or removed once assigned, and there is a limit of four email addresses to be tied to each account.

It can be used in the same way as other accounts for online payments, shopping, betting and withdrawals. Although just as easy as others to use, it is less popular, yet still growing consistently.

These three methods all run on a similar principle which works well on the whole. While they are occasionally scrutinised, PayPal for example boasts a very low fraud level of 0.5% when compared to credit cards, which are the most commonly defrauded payment method across the board. The Neteller Net+ virtual debit card is also incredibly effective with fraud prevention, as each virtual card number is used only once, generating a new one for each transaction.

Ukash Payment Processing

Ukash is a very different way of making online payments when compared with the other methods. It runs on a ‘pre-paid’ style basis, where you the customer can buy Ukash from your local PayPoint or Payzone, and use it for online spending. Of course, you don’t buy money, you buy a 19 digit code which you enter into the checkout when paying for online products or services. It has the benefit of the user being able to make internet purchases without using their debit card, thus protecting them from credit card fraud.

The Ukash code can be purchased from over 420,000 different outlets. If you have a code worth a high value, the Ukash website allows you to split it into smaller amounts with separate codes, or to combine smaller codes into one large one for more expensive purchases. It is also possible to exchange it for different currency, should the website you are using accept a different currency to that which you are using.

Ukash is not designed for a person to pay another; it is solely for online purchasing. It is a very safe way to pay as long as you guard your 19-digit code and do not share it with others, which would allow them, in short, to spend your money.

One thing each of these payment methods has in common with the others is the constant emphasis on fraud protection. Many phishing scams exist that can mislead users into giving their account details or 19-digit Ukash codes via email, a fake login page or over the telephone. It is very important to be vigilant with our money online as so many scams set out to steal from the innocent spender. While the accounts and payment processors themselves are almost watertight, their ultimate security lies with us: the user.

In all, paying into or making withdrawals from betting or gambling accounts has never been easier, with so many payment processing systems being as easy to use as they are now.

Overall it is very safe to online gamble using these payment processing methods as long as, like all payment methods, you don’t give anyone your account details.

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