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Go Game.co.uk online betting exchange directory lists all of the major online betting exchanges. Each Go Game.co.uk online betting exchange listing has all the information you need to make an informed decision on where to bet; including the latest bonus details, deposit options and betting opportunities.

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Betfair.com - Betfair Betting Exchange £25 Make your first bet at Betfair today and claim your special £25 signing bonus.

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Betdaq.com - Betdaq 3% Commission plus Betdaq €/£200 in Free Bets.

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Betting Exchange Basics

In a betting exchange customers bet against each other, and the betting exchange holds the stakes until the bet is settled. The odds in a betting exchange are not fixed-odds compiled by a sportsbook they are set by the betting exchanges customers.

If you want to back a selection, the odds are likely to be better than a traditional sportsbook, because punters are setting prices on markets based on their opinions and, unlike a traditional sportsbook, they do not build a margin into their prices.

On a betting exchange you can back your selection to win in the “traditional” manner. Alternatively you can take the other side of the market and back a selection not to win (or “lay”). The ability to back or lay a selection provides the added benefit of allowing you to “trade” a position and lay your bet back if it looks the likely winner, to guarantee yourself a profit.

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